IDTA and UKA Qualified Teachers
Of Ballroom, Latin American and 
Argentine Tango Dancing Dance Select

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Paul and Carole-Ann Harris

Contact Paul or Carole-Ann: 020 8491 6694, 07931 555 743,

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Dance Examinations

Our pupils study for Dance Exams following the IDTA (International Dance Teachers’ Association) syllabus.

There’s no requirement to study for exams, but most of our pupils find that it’s good to have something to work towards.


Many of our pupils have achieved “Highly Commended” and “Honours” awards in their examinations and we are proud of them all.


The award structure is essentially as follows:


We have taken some of our pupils through all of these grades with considerable success.


We have also taken pupils through their Student Teacher’s examinations and Associate Level, which now qualifies them to teach professionally.


If you’re interested in studying with us to take dance exams please

get in touch and let us know what you’re interested in.


Our pupils either take exams in:


If you’re interested in exams then find out more about our dance lessons.